2021 Polaris RANGER 150

$7,495 Excluding government charges

2021 Polaris Ranger 150- Sage Green

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Industry First technology for Parents peace of mind!
Powered by cutting-edge Ride Command technology, parents have unprecedented control over riding safety for their kids.

With Digital Speed limiting, Geofencing capabilities and Passcode Protected Safe Start, it puts you in control.

Geofencing Capabilities
Keep your kids in safe parameters by quickly setting and controlling ride boundaries. Set speed limits for within and outside of geofenced area.

Digital Speed Limiting
Ensure kids are riding at the appropriate speed for their age, experience and terrain, by easily setting a max speed right from your Ride Command app.

Passcode Protected Safe Start
By activating the passcode protection, you now have control of who and when the vehicle is being operated. When enabled, the passcode must be entered before the engine starts. If your kid is out riding, a restart option allows you to restart the vehicle within a pre-determined time limit before having to re-enter the passcode.

Unrivalled Safety
The Ranger 150 EFI features the industry's first connected safety features, along with a protective cage, seatbelt interlocking system, nets, safety flag and two helmets

Growing Along with Them
Featuring an adjustable steering wheel and drivers seat, and digital speed limiting capabilities, the Ranger 150 is the perfect vehicle for growing kids

Sage Green

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